Available Leopards


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  1. I can’t wait to see thse guys at the show. I like gecko number one, I like his spots.

    • What show?

      • Note the date on the post about the show is July 2009. It was the Portland Maine reptile show which will be this year on 8/26/12.

  2. Glad to have found your site. I have 2 leopard geckos who are currently watching over eggs laid under their water dish. They’re in my classroom…students are enjoying them very much. With yoiur infor perhaps i can upgrade their quality of life.

    • Thank you, I”m happy to answer any questions I can. The eggs may not hatch because they need to be kept at a constant temperature and humidity. Gecko eggs are usually incubated. I have just written an “article” about breeding and can send it if you provide an email address.

      • Please make a page about your geckos’ names.

  3. hey I was just curious to see if any of these geckos were still up for adoption???If you could please email me back if they are and where youre located.thank you

  4. Hi there,

    Are any of your geckos still available?


  5. Thank You Aliza! I love “Peaches” (Ersaff14) already! She is a beautiful addition, and I will contact you again when I am ready for another gecko!

  6. Geckos are small to average sized lizards belonging to the family Gekkonidae, found in warm climates throughout the world. Thanks.

  7. any left for adoption

  8. I just finished editing my available page. The 3 on the page are available, though 1 is on hold (if you’re really interested I can check that the person who wants it is still definitely interested). In addition, I have one more of about the same age that I’ll take a picture of tomorrow and 3 smaller Mack snows. Contact me via email if you’re interested.

    • my leopard gecko Dash is shedding for the first time at seven months.He is eating the shed and would not let it come off itself.He is also eating off his new skin.Do you know anything I could do.

  9. Well I wanted to say thank you Danice Bell aka Galnec7 is a perfect gecko. We are so in love with her. We can’t wait to get another gecko from you.

  10. Thanks!

  11. Is the gecko named flamed still available? just curious.

    • Yes, she is. If interested, email me at artport@rcn.com

      • HOW MUCH DOES A Baby leopard gecko weigh?

  12. how nice pet you have friend,, thanks for sharing with us.. how i wish i can buy someday




  14. hello again, i did not notice that the erzor5: 6/9/11 Female:jungle tremper albino for $35.00 is available.If she still is could you please let me know and message me as to what i need to do.

    Thanks Again
    Kimberly Burnett

  15. Hi Aliza, this is Gina lisa’s daughter I was just curious if the female mack snow tremper albino, was still available? Thank’s the Marcottes.

  16. Thanks for the info on the mac snow temper albino, Gina likes her. We are thinking.

    • Hi Aliza, just an update . Ruby and safira are great! Eating great!

      • Gina’s baby is great also. See u at the show!

      • (grits teeth) WHAT SHOW??

      • This was the NE Reptile Expo in Manchester NH on 1/29/12

      • Who are ruby and saphira?

  17. I’m intreasted in the aptor female you have available and I will be attending the show in NH on the 29th would I be abile to pick her up there ?? . Thanks……..Cory G

    • Your listed email didn’t work for me. If you want to discuss the APTOR further, please email me at artport@rcn.com


  18. I WANT one!

    • If you’re seriously interested, feel free to send me an email at artport@rcn.com to let me know what you want.

      • I’m making a blog called Petpedia. I really think you should check it out this summer.

  19. Whats your shipping on these geckos typically run?

    • Since I am on the East Coast, shipping can run as high as $65-70 to the West Coast, but closer to $40-45 to the rest of the east and midwest. I ship through shipyourreptiles.com which uses Fedex and gives reptile shippers a special rate.

  20. What beautiful animals you have! No wonder they all sell out! 😉

  21. Do you have any left?

    • My biggest geckos are just getting to selling size. I expect to have a few up on the website later this week.

  22. […] the current offering of healthy, gorgeous leopard geckos, with all genetic information provided: Available Leopard Geckos | Geckcessories Just 1 example: Galal4: 5/22/14; TS Female; Reverse stripe, Afghan cross, snake -eyed eclipse, […]

  23. My son is looking for his first Leopard Gecko and we want to get one from a breeder and not someplace like Petco. Do you have a store in Massachusetts or is it just from a private residence?

  24. Hey I’m interessted in some of your geckos could you let me know what you have left?

    • Look at the caption of each picture. If it doesn’t say “sold” after the price, it’s still available.

  25. You have truly amazing geckos!! I am going to starting breeding next season and plan on going to the next reptile show january 25th I think, would you happen to be attending?

    • Yes, I will be vending at the show in Manchester, NH on 1/25.

      • Awesome, I assume your vender will be gecksessories?

  26. Ugh! I am in LOVE with with a few of these geckos! Stupid Ohio weather sucks so shipping isn’t really an option right now. Maybe come spring when it won’t be too hot or cold I will be able to order one or two because they are gorgeous! Especially like Galurs17, Sunec5, Sunec6 & Galal4. So nice!

    • Thank you very much. It’s always possible that there will be a shipping window where temps will go up. I’ll contact you if I find one.

  27. im probably gonna buy some of your geckos in the next few weeks…what kind of payment do you prefer and how much is shipping normally

    • I prefer payment through Paypal. Shipping depends on the size of the box (which relates to how many geckos you buy) and where you’re located. It tends to range from $25-75 based on those factors.

  28. Hi,
    My girls and I love Galal1. I’m glad I returned to your table. We named her Galaxy. She’s already eating and is enjoying her new home! Thanks.

    • That’s great to hear. You may be interested to know that she was “Galal” with me because her father is named “Galaxy”

      • Awesome!

  29. Hi Aliza!
    I don’t know if you remember me, but my name is Carly and I work at the PetSmart you sometimes get crickets at!
    I watched your friends three geckos last year for a few weeks as well.
    I am now in a good place financially and am back to rescuing geckos! Woo!
    I run my own guinea pig rescue now as well.
    I am so happy I found you.

    • Of course I remember you. It’s nice to hear from you.

  30. Hi , I have 2 Leaopards in the same cage and one is a pig and eats too much, the smaller one rarely eats. I do not know the sex of either of them. I try to separate them so the little one eats but he /she just sits there… I have not seen him eat in over a week.. Thoughts? Pam

  31. Beautiful geckos, but i was wondering if i ordered one from you what eould the shipment cost be? I live in new caney texas zip 77357.

  32. I bought the Lightur2 female at the New England Reptile Expo and I am in love! Thank you so much for selling such a healthy and good tempered gecko! She is a wonderful addition to my little family.

    • Always nice to hear from a satisfied customer. Glad you’re enjoying her.

  33. When are you coming to an expo in Wisconsin

    • When Wisconsin moves to within 100 miles of Boston I’ll be there with bells on! (When are you coming to an expo in New England?)

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