Most of the items on this page have been sold, but if you contact me, I’d be happy to make something for you.

Leopard Gecko Hides $12 each (top left hide sold)

Gecko Food Bowls with Snake $5 each (left bowl sold)

Bathroom Tiles $5 each

Crested Gecko Hide

Crested Gecko Hide $12


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  1. I remember buying a water dish from you at the expo last year.Thanks.

  2. […] I make a lot of my own stuff since I have time at a ceramics studio. You can see some of it here: Ceramic geckcessories Geckcessories […]

  3. Do you sell any thermostats, hides, or dishes? I have everything for my leo except the UTH, thermostat, hides and dishes and im planning on picking them up on the 27th at the Expo.

    Im Elijah L. By the way, the one buying Erser15 😀

  4. can i buy the top one the middle right hide thats 12$

  5. I live in PA? Are you attending any Reptile Expos here in the future?

    • PA is unfortunately too far for me to travel from Boston for a show.

  6. Love the hides! Curious if you’d be willing to donate some as prizes for our gecko photo contests

  7. I am new at this, my gecko is name Burt, we have move so from reading your articles regarding them, I think because of the moves he is stressed, other than that he is getting very small. Also is it alright to put in out in the sun everyday during the summer hours and than bring him in and put him under his lamp until time to turn it off for the night. Thank you, Millie

    • If your gecko is not eating and also losing weight, he needs to see a reptile vet. Leopard geckos are nocturnal so they don’t need a lot of light. If you do decide to put your leopard gecko outside, be sure of 2 things:
      a. he is safe from predators
      b. there is no danger that the sunlight will come through the glass of the tank and make it super hot (that will bake him)

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